Identifying Actionable Information

Biosurveillance Resource Directory

The Biosurveillance Resource Directory (BRD) is a web-hosted database that is regularly updated with information about global disease surveillance systems, resources, and data sources. Querying it allows biosurveillance professionals to identify relevant actionable information and access data quickly.

The BRD also includes the Biosurveillance Analytics Resource Directory (BARD). The BARD is a database that characterizes infectious disease models. The BARD allows for rapid searching of relevant epidemiological models and facilitates model comparison.

Click here to access the BRD

For more information see our publication about the data stream characterization framework and the BRD.

Advancing a Framework to Enable Characterization and Evaluation of Data Streams Useful for Biosurveillance

Margevicius KJ, Generous N, Taylor-McCabe KJ, Brown M, Daniel WB, Castro L, Hengartner A, Deshpande A